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Footwear has been of great discussion and debate for decades always resulting in more confusion. There are journal and magazine articles published by the most respected medical and biomechanical experts of this world, but this appears to only complicate the simple matter of the human shoe.


As we were uniquely formed, our Creator has provided the stability and mobility required for optimal and efficient mobility. However, due to man-made surfaces, sophistication of mankind and Phil Knight, the human shoe was birthed. The evolution of the human shoe has brought more business to the medical industry then solutions to the human foot. Trends have moved from increased “cushion
to barefoot “toe” shoes. Experts continue to recommend “arch” support, orthotics and customized shoes to solve the ailing problems of the foot. The shoe industry has sold you the idea of the American quick fix and it works…..momentarily. With all the clamor and money surrounding this big business, the “experts” fail to mention the consequences of your human shoe. The solution is simple, but the end product requires work and physical activity, both of which are elusive to our “bandaide” culture.

The solution is discovered in the segmental make up of the human body. To this point, science is unable to replicate the process to which we were Created. Taking a closer look at the cohesive unit we call the human body, it is made up of reciprocal stable and mobile joints. A mobile joint follows, starting at that foot and moving to the low back, every stable joint. Give yourself a quick check. The ankle and hip move in circles, while the foot, knee and low back move only forward and back. The same could be said for the arms. If you keep your feet “stable” and rotate your shoulders to the left or right what happens at your feet? So what is the point? If any of your mobile joints become stable your body is designed to achieve mobility through compensation of the stable joints. One of the foremost mistakes in medicine is prescribing orthotics to stabilize the foot when in fact the foot is compensating for lack of mobility of the ankle. This will only result in temporary pain relief and long-term consequential damage of the hips and low back. One must take into account the consequences of the cohesive unit prior to changing the mechanics of the foot because of fashion or fitness trend. What is the fix? Simply restore the motion you were once Created with and enjoy painless functional movement for a lifetime independent of your human shoes.