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SL bridge-sm

The single leg bridge is a great exercise to isolate and strengthen the gluteals functionally.  When performing the single leg bridge exercise proper form is essential.  Too often, it is performed with poor control.  The starting position is lying on your back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  One leg is then extended out so that it is parallel with the other knee (the leg with the foot still on the floor).  The leg lifted straight out should stay in this position throughout the exercise.  This is the true starting position.  Then the buttocks are raised straight up off the floor until the upper thigh is straight in line with the trunk, then lowered back down to the start position.  Care must be taken to ensure that the pelvis stays level on both sides while raising the buttocks.  The tendency is to tilt the pelvis towards the side with the leg in the air.  Holding the pelvis level requires abdominal strength and control and puts the proper stress where it needs to be during the exercise.