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A Twist on the Prone Plank

prone plank leg raise
Most dynamic prone plank exercises are designed to have the upper extremity raised out front (flexing the shoulder).  But a better way is to extend the upper extremity (extending the shoulder) while extending the opposite side lower extremity (extending the hip). The start position would be lying face...
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Proper Form with the Single Leg Bridge

SL bridge-sm
The single leg bridge is a great exercise to isolate and strengthen the gluteals functionally.  When performing the single leg bridge exercise proper form is essential.  Too often, it is performed with poor control.  The starting position is lying on your back with both knees bent and feet...
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Cross Crawl to Engage the Core

cross crawl
Before exercising or performing an athletic event the “core” should be engaged or “woke up” if you will.  This allows for better recruitment and activation during more complex athletic movements.  One way this can easily be done is to perform the cross crawl exercise. Start on hands and knees.  Raise...
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